Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy from Brandon Aron, DMD

The goal of dentistry is to preserve natural teeth and correct damage, so that you can enjoy a healthy and functional smile for a lifetime. If a tooth is in danger of being lost completely, root canal therapy can restore function and help you maintain your oral health. 

If you require this procedure, Dr. Aron’s gentle, compassionate care can see you through successfully and comfortably. Located in Salisbury, give the dental office of Brandon Aron, DMD, a call for quality dental care and therapeutic root canal service.

Root Canal Therapy Has Received an Undeserved Bad Reputation

The notorious reputation of root canal therapy has made most people wary when they hear the mere mention of it. These fears are unfounded as this treatment can be done with the same comfort provided by many other dental procedures.

Avoid Elaborate Tooth Loss Treatments

Root canal therapy can save a tooth and help patients avoid the prospect of elaborate tooth replacement treatments. It also provides relief to those whose dental damage has given them a toothache, abscesses, or uncomfortable tooth sensitivity.

Root Canal Therapy Relieves Pain and Protects Your Overall Health

This therapy removes bacteria from inside the tooth. This treatment prevents the potential spread of infection to other teeth and to your bloodstream, where it can cause complications to your overall health.

Lifelike Crowns Protect Teeth After Root Canal Therapy

After removal of the pulp, the tooth’s inner chamber is filled with a biocompatible substance to preserve the tooth’s anatomical integrity. Then your tooth is fitted with a lifelike, luminous porcelain crown to protect the tooth and maintain its full function.

Dr. Aron Conserves Natural Teeth with Root Canal Therapy

When you need restorative dental services, contact the dental offices of Brandon Aron, DMD. We can help you keep your natural smile for a lifetime.

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